My personal creativity is informed by research of ecological issues. I am particularly interested in subject matter where the actions of humans intersect with the non-human environment.  I create art that fits into the contemporary art world, the ecological art world, and the social-issue art world through the use of an array of materials and methods. In my work, I explore the 3D palette through installations, sculptural works, and participatory activities. As I investigate the ecological issues caused by human impact on the earth, I become more and more intrigued by unusual connections. I research in an effort to contextualize environmental issues and to understand how the growing human population impacts eco systems.

I choose materials for their ability to visually, tactically, draw attention, and audibly translate what it means to be a human on this planet. I often use clay as my medium because of its malleability, response to touch, and ability to imitate. In my artistic practice, I have expanded to diverse and complementary alternative materials such as video, latex, and newly industrialized, discarded and personal items. I choose materials that represent a broader idea of the issues. I frequently correlate specific historic events to present-day ecological events.